Why Us?

10 Reasons Why?

*based on assumed facts

  1. Because our mothers believe in us. 
  2. We always stand up for the national anthem.
  3. We ate many 5 stars but never screwed up our dad's pants.
  4. We have No "pending" challans on our bikes.
  5. Because we always give sugar on the side with our Chai to our guests. We believe in choice. If they want water they can get it themselves. See choice... we champion choice. 
  6. We never tell a person that their headlights are on in the daytime. We are just not those people.
  7. We take our responsibilities as a citizen very seriously.... we vote at every opportunity, India’s most desirable, which puppy breed is the cutest, the most boomer thing to do, best original soundtrack of a autobiography in a female lead film that is shorter than 109 minutes and has a twist in the end which we all knew from the trailer itself and doesn’t have a song by Arijit Singh. 
  8. We do not believe we can fly. We believe we can jump, leap, climb, get flung, fall off, dive, glide, do teen maar.... but we can't fly. 
  9. We are so customer obsessed, we dream... about your dreams... and we’ve got to ask... why do you complicate things so much... we just can’t make sense of your dreams... trust us, we tried.
  10. Kashmiri .... apples are very tasty

Jokes apart, We’ve put in blood, sweat, and tears into making Clan shoes. In an industry dominated by big brands and multi million dollar marketing budgets, Clan shoes are an honest attempt at making a pair of shoe, that bikers will love.

Being bikers ourselves, we realised that we don’t wear our riding boots every day, mainly because they’re bulky, not stylish enough or too uncomfortable. So, we took it upon ourselves to fix this. That’s why Clan was born. It is our vision to help bikers ride safer everyday, through city streets.